Parashant episode 2 – Private Event (UPDATED)

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Okay folks, mark your calendars! 

Episode 2 of the Parashant National Monument Backcountry Expedition.

In this episode, we will travel from Riverside Nevada to Little Finland in the Gold Butte National Monument and eventually, the historical Tassi Ranch. After a short visit at Tassi Ranch, we will continue towards Nutter Twists Trail then Parashant Canyon for our first night of camp.

After a wonderful, festive night of entertainment at Parashant Canyon, we will navigate Parashant and Andrus canyons to our original destination of Mollies Nipple. If time allows, We will spend two nights at Mollies Nipple before our departure.

View of Parashant Canyon from episode 1. Our trail can be seen at the bottom of the canyon.


EACH VEHICLE will be required to pack an entire extra FULL TANK of fuel. 
We do have an overland trailer to haul fuel on. Preferably, carry half a tank (or more) on your vehicle and another half on the trailer. The less weight on the trailer the better.

Please pack your extra fuel into the Little Findland camp. We will situate the fuel before hitting the trail. 

The Bar 10 Ranch does sell fuel anywhere between 8 to $10 per gallon. That’s $180 to fill up my 18-gallon tank. 

You can haul your own fuel or you can fuel up at Bar 10 Ranch.
The Meet
We will meet at Little Finland in the Gold Butte National Monument. No need to wait at a gas station. Our camp will be located just south of the Mud wash Sand dunes. There is plenty of room for everyone. Make sure you arrive fueled up and ready to go.

Coordinates are 36.450533,-114.19967

If last-minute supplies are needed, there is a Walmart in Mesquite. Please grab them on your way up.



Drive to Riverside Nevada after work and meet at Little Finland campsite.
Leave Little Finland camp at about 8 a.m. and travel a nice maintained road to the Tassi Ranch near the grand wash.
From there we will travel a maintained road to Nutter Twists Trail.
Arrive at Trail Canyon 
Continue to Parashant Canyon until 5 PM and find camp.
6 Hours and 32 Minutes – 108 miles
Leave camp at 8 a.m.
Travel down Parashant Canyon to Mollies Nipple camp. Approximately 3-4 hours – 55 miles.

Leave Mollies Nipple around 10 am for Hells Hole camp

Arrive at Hells Hole camp around 4 pm.


Leave Hells Hole Camp Willy Nelly towards Fredonia

Retrace our tracks back out to Fredonia. Approximately 80 miles

We will be following the BLUE trail in and the Yellow trail out to Fredonia.

Kevin Allard
Author: Kevin Allard

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