Protect The Harvest | Debunking the New York Times Anti Agriculture Opinion Video

An In-Depth Look The recent opinion video published by the New York Times about agriculture is one of the most distorted and underhanded attacks on agriculture that we have seen to date. A number of effective rebuttals have arisen from the agriculture community, but the misleading agenda-driven nature of the video merits taking a more detailed look. Consider The Sources—Animal & Environmental Extremism Go Hand in Hand The video features several speakers with deep ties to animal and environmental extremism, including outspoken vegan New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, environmental attorney Peter Lehner, and New York University environmental studies Professor Jennifer Jacquet. Booker Protect The Harvest has written about Booker and his radical ideology numerous times. Booker was appointed to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, which brings to mind the old chestnut about a fox guarding a henhouse. He is the primary driving force behind the recent Farm Systems Reform Act (FSRA), which seeks to eliminate large modern farms by 2040. Lehner Lehner has served for years as the chief environmental lawyer for New York City and New York State. He is the executive director of the National Resources Defense Council and is also associated with environmental extremist group Earth Justice.