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Motorized Access | A Political Controversy

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If you think exploring the Arizona Backcountry has nothing to do with politics than you would be sadly mistaken. Our access depends on the decisions made by federal and local political representatives, and it's imperative that we always fight for motorized access.

Only one side of the political spectrum is in favor of this type of nonsense (pictured). The green agenda is a socialist, communist agenda that has been in the works far before our time. It's been practiced multiple times worldwide and has its sights on our traditional way of life. We, as 4x4 explorers, are a thorn in the side of radicals.

But beware, it has nothing to do with the environment. There are two sides to the socialist coin. One side (the ruling class tyrants) seeks to exploit the genuine feelings of good people for political power and monetary gain. And the other side (socialists) has adopted ideological goals to execute the agenda of the ruling class.

If you know anything about socialism, you understand it has nothing to do with workers controlling the means of production like tyrants want you to believe. The main theme is eradicating capital and everything that exists because of it. In every socialist revolution in history, private landowners, agriculture, mining, and business owners were the first to be persecuted.

Karal Marx argued that it was the industrial revolution that brought on capitalism, and as a result, starvation, homelessness, and other struggles exist. Marx even believed that family, religion, private ownership, and scientific discoveries were a product of capital and therefore incompatible with Marxist ideas.

Concurrently, environmentalists believe that to save our planet, we must return to pre-industrialized civilization. They believe that it was the industrial revolution that brought on the degradation of the environment. The opening statement of the Wildlands Project tells the whole story. It's the model for America's wilderness system and put into play by the Paris climate treaty.

It's been proven over and over again. Green energy is not only unreliable, but it also harms the environment even more. Those who seek the green agenda are autocrats who look forward to making millions while gaining political power and selling away our freedom.

If you call yourself a socialist, understand you're being exploited by the ruling class which you seek to eliminate. While the Biden administration prepares to fill our public lands with wind turbines, ask yourself these questions.

Who's set to profit from this?
Where will we dispose of all that fiberglass?
How much concrete and copper need to be mined?
What will your favorite campsite or scenic drive look like with windmills scattered about?
Are we going to end up like Texas and California with blackouts?

It's no coincidence that the federal government and mega-corporations are now tapping into the largest mineral reserves in America. And if you notice, there is not a peep from the most influential environmental groups. They don't even bat an eye when Resolution Copper (Who's partially owned by the Chinese Communist Party) drills through the water table. A bunch of talk, but no action.

Isn't that weird?

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I am standing up for what I believe is right.

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