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Stepping up our efforts on backcountry etiquette.

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This year, we are going to step up our efforts on backcountry etiquette. We will start publishing more educational material for our community on how to be responsible while adventuring across our great state. Our material will be compelling, and we will use media tricks to get the attention of those who need to read. Many of our followers already know how to handle themselves, but our community is growing fast. 

Every day we have more and more people hitting the trails. It's our responsibility to make sure our friends and family understand the rules and how to handle themselves in the Arizona backcountry. Everyone must do their part. Record numbers of abandoned campfires, record numbers of trash, user conflict, and animosity towards miners, ranchers, and private landowners are destroying the public perception of our community. 

Our effort is not an attempt to push "tread lightly" principles because we don't particularly agree with everything Tread Lightly stands for. Instead, we will consider tradition and the founding principles of the Western US. 

Please subscribe, share, and join our effort to help quell these problems in our beautiful state.


I am standing up for what I believe is right.

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