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[Solved] Where do you put all that mud?


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Last weekend we went up to Boriana Mine near Yucca/Kingman, and on the return trip tried to make it over the northern Hualapais via Flag Mine Rd. We didn't make it, but that's another story. (That road should be closed right now. It's a snotty mess of mud and snow, and it's mostly a shelf road with tight switchbacks. It's not safe.) My truck was covered with a thick coating of concrete-like muck. It took 3 hours to hose it down and clean up my driveway. I can't keep doing that because I have nowhere to put the mud.

Where do you all wash your rigs, and if you do it at home, what do you do with the mud? What about a DIY carwash? Seems like those guys would get pissed if you left behind gallons of mud.


(Kevin, I didn't see a better topic to post this under. Is there a better subheading to post these general questions under? Sights looking great, by the way!)

I just created this new forum for your topic. 😁

Thank you for that!

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I generally try to avoid mud. It always creates a nasty mess. When I do, I try to get most of it off before hitting the road. Use a stick or something in the wheel well.

I usually use the do-it-yourself carwash to finish it off and spend an extra couple of dollars to clean up after myself. They will appreciate you taking the time to clean up.

I am standing up for what I believe is right.

I'll try the stick next time. I noticed I did a crappy job in the undercarriage, so I'm going to a diy wash today.