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AZ Parks and Trails is recognizing The Great Western Trail

Kevin Allard
Adventure Seeker Admin

The Arizona Parks and Trails is creating a management plan for the Great Western Trail. This is really cool because there is no official route. Its been about 12 years since the route was designated as a National Recreation Trail. Signs are up through the Tonto and Prescott National Forests. You can also get paper maps at the ranger station of other National Forests. 

If you didn't know, the Arizona Parks and Trails has a "places to ride" Page on their website, and they recognize some 4x4 trails in the state. This is significant because it puts backroads in the hands of local agencies. 

I've done the GWT 2 times, but now sections of the Navajo Nation portion have been closed. If you've downloaded our GPS track collection, then you have it too. When I noticed the Arizona Parks and Trails is creating a management plan, I decided to send them a copy of the GPX file. They are grateful because they are in the process of mapping the trail and gathering data. 

I'll be doing a write-up about this with more details to gain support from the community. We wish to see the state recognize more trails and help keep them open. More groups should contribute to this effort.


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Topic starter Posted : February 18, 2021 4:02 am