Vulture Mine Expedition | Itinerary, map, GPS tracks

Come join us on a 2-day adventure to Vulture City near Wickenburg



8 AM Saturday, February 15, 2020
Morristown Baptist Church
41026 N Castle Hot Springs Rd, 
Morristown, AZ 85342




We will gather at the Baptist Church in Morristown just 18 miles west of Surprise. Our journey will take us west through the Vulture Mountains towards Wickenburg. Along the way, we will get an opportunity to see 3 crested saguaro cactuses and 1 natural arch. We should reach our pre-planned campsite at around 2 pm. With lots of daylight to spare, we will have plenty of time to settle in. Our camp will be located at the base of Vulture Peak.

The following day, we will withdraw from our campsite no later than 10 pm. The trail will get a little rough, tight, and overgrown, as we navigate Vulture Pass to the western side of the range. We should arrive at Vulture City no later than noon.


If you would like to make this a day trip, you can follow the BLUE track from our campsite to the blacktop. Once everyone is settled in at camp, I can guide you out, if need be.

Vulture City entrance fee $12 CASH



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