New BLM rules will decimate the multiple use mandate and end public participation requirements.

A new proposed rule from the Bureau of Land Management seeks to realign the Bureaus’ objective by placing environmental protection on a level playing field with the Bureaus’ multiple use mandate. According to the Bureau, the new regulation will establish conservation “on par” with the Bureaus multiple use mandate established by the Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA).

According to the bureau,

“The BLM does not currently have regulations that promote conservation efforts for all resources. This proposed rule is intended to address this gap in the Bureau’s regulations. The proposed rule would require the BLM to plan for and consider conservation as a use on par with other uses under FLPMA’s multiple use framework and identify the practices that ensure conservation actions are effective in building resilient public lands.”

The proposed rule will also eliminate requirements requiring the Bureau to publish a notice in the Federal Register and accept public comments on designation of Areas of Critical Environmental Concern and other unspecified land use decisions.

Please submit your comments on this proposal.

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