Mapping Adventure

We are committed to connecting rural Arizona.

When it comes to offroad Adventure in Arizona, we have everything you need to make your adventure a reality right here on one website. Our adventure map consists of thousands of miles of backroads mapped out by us. Our adventures have crossed the state in almost every direction possible, utilizing some of the most challenging and scenic trails in the state.

You will find several popular Arizona overland routes on this map, including the Arizona Peace Trail, Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, The Great Western Trail, and several popular day trips. There are also abandoned mines, historic ranches, cabins, Indian ruins, petroglyph sites, waterfalls, natural arches, caves, fishing destinations, and many other worthy adventures.

400 GPS Tracks

1500 POI

50+ Fire Rings

10+ National Forests

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Difficulty & trail conditions

These routes consist of maintained county roads to highly technical trails. All users are advised to use caution when navigating these routes. You will find trails with steep hills, rock shelves, mountain shelf roads, deep water crossings, etc. It’s important to understand that trail conditions can change overnight. Monsoon rains and flash floods can make a trail impassable. Therefore we cannot guarantee these routes are adequate or compatible with your vehicle or driving skill.

You may encounter situations where trail maintenance is required, vehicle damage could occur, or precarious circumstances may apply—BE READY FOR ANYTHING. Never go alone, have a backup plan, and always be prepared.

MapServer Project

We are currently developing a map server to provide this map offline and be installed into any GPS device. This map is an ongoing effort to provide more than just GPS tracks. If you have knowledge in these areas and would like to contribute, please contact us.