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Bureau of Land Management Road Closures | How it all started

Prior to the 1970s, motorized public land users mainly consisted of Motorcycles, Jeeps, snowmobiles, minibikes, go-carts, and Volkswagons. At this time, public land users were…

23,000 miles of roads on public land will undergo Travel Mgmt in the next 3 years.

23,000 miles of roads are on the chopping block in the next three years on Bureau of Land Management Land in Arizona.

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ACTION ALERT | Middle Gila Travel Mgmt Plan Starts | Access to 350k acres threatened

The Bureau of Land Management has started a Travel Management Plan that will affect access to over 300,000 acres of land south of Tucson Arizona.

ACTION ALERT | permit zones Tonto NF | $10 fee Bulldog Rolls Sycamore St Clair Desert Vista

The US Forest Service Tonto National Forest is proposing off Hwy vehicle permit zones that will limit access to over 300 miles of roads on…

Black Canyon TMP Final Decision | Approx 260 MI of existing roads CLOSED

The Bureau of Land Management has released their final decision on the Black Canyon Corridor Travel Management Plan.

Happy _____(fill in the blank) day!

Today is an interesting day that has recently been politicized. No matter what you believe, there are many facts that should be noted from a…

ACTION ALERT | Buckeye Hills Travel Mgmt | 354 mi of roads CLOSED Rainbow Valley

The Bureau of Land Management has released a final decision on the Buckeye Hills Travel Management Plan near Rainbow Valley and Buckeye Arizona. The Final…

ACTION ALERT | Bouse & Cactus Plain Final Decision | 1,049 mi of roads CLOSED

The Bureau of Land Management Havasu Field Office has quietly released a finial decision on the Bouse and Cactus Plain Travel Management Plan that includes…

The UN and property rights by Henry Lamb

In this article Henry Lamb exposes how the United States is adhering to the demands of global governance in the name of biodiversity. In addition…