ACTION ALERT | Interagency Working Group on Mining Regulations, Laws, and Permitting

The Department of the Interior is announcing the formation of an interagency working group to gather information and develop recommendations for improving Federal hardrock mining…

Arizona Attorney General Opinion on RS 2477 and ARS 37-931

The following opinion was issued by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich in July of 2017 in response to a question from representative Mark Fincham. It…

Executive Order 11644 | Use of off-road vehicles on the public lands

The dictatorial edict that is directing federal land mangers to close Revised Statute 2477 roads over federal lands.

Dispersed Camping and River Access Hit Hard in the AZ Strip

The Bureau of Land Management quietly released their final decision on a travel management plan that will close 641 miles of motorized roads near Littlefield…

Comments to NPS on Tuweep Day Use Reservation System

We have engaged in the proposed Tuweep reservation system. Here is our comment to the National Park Service.

COMMENTS NEEDED ASAP | ADOT 5 Year Plan | No Apache Trail

The Arizona Department of Transportation has released its tentative five-year plan. Please take action now and send your comments to ADOT.

ACTION ALERT | Massive Changes to the Tonto Forest

The Tonto National Forest has released their final decision on the Tonto Travel Management plan in Arizona.

ShareTrails | Day Use Restrictions Proposed for Tuweep Area of the Grand Canyon

The National Park Service is proposing to implement a day use reservation/fee system for the Tuweep area in the Grand Canyon. Because of the rugged…

SB1377 | Massive changes to the Arizona OHV fund

There is an organized effort by anti-access groups to convince our lawmakers to close motorized access to public lands because of a handful of novice…

Correction! | ACTION ALERT | Proposal Prohibits Dispersed Camping in the Verde Valley

Dispersed camping around Prescott, Arizona is threatened by an organization who represents cities and towns outside of Prescott. Please Take Action Now!