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Our goal is simple. To unite and mobilize agriculture, mining, private landowners, and outdoor recreation to stop the radical environmental policy transforming Arizona. We focus on local, national, and international land and water management policies that close motorized access, threaten private ownership, and aim to obliterate individual sovereignty.

Arizona Backcountry Explorers is proud to be a driving force in the fight for motorized access. We have built this operation by engaging our readers in policy changes, and we continue to be a valuable resource for many local and out-of-state motorized users. Every day, we are committed to supporting motorized access and exposing the environmental extremism driving the management of our public lands and waters.

We are dedicated to protecting Motorized Access to public lands.

Arizona Backcountry Explorers is the most engaging motorized access advocacy coalition in the United States. We have the ability to engage hundreds of thousands of motorized public land users in defense of motorized access in Arizona.


Promote adventure and establish our backroads as an economical resource for rural Arizona communities.


Engage our community in policy-making decisions that threaten rural Arizona.


Unit the agriculture, mining, and outdoor recreation communities to shape state and federal policy.


Empower our community and provide the tools to stand guard for traditional Arizona.

Content creation gone rogue

We have used our established platforms to spread valuable information for motorized users in Arizona and neighboring states like Utah, Colorado, and California through our websites and social media. This unique opportunity has earned us recognition from some of the biggest names in the industry, including local and state government officials, TV shows, magazines, and has resulted in further contributions that aren’t covered here.

We have contributed several articles to other media outlets covering environmental extremism. Most notably, the Western Journalism Foundation and 4Low Magazine. These additional opportunities have allowed our work to reach millions of people and rattle chains across Western America.

Keeping our lawmakers informed

We keep in close contact will several local lawmakers to keep them informed about policies coming from federal and state management agencies that prohibit motorized access, dispersed camping, and other forms of multiple uses, including private property.

We are standing firm in our beliefs.

We are proud Americans who are advocates of the US Constitution, States Rights, and limited government. We believe in the founding principles of the United States of America and vow to stand guard no matter what.

Motorized Ambassadors

We are doing our best to provide the leadership that our community desperately needs. With the significant influx of 4×4 users in Arizona, it is the responsibility of all industry leaders and content creators to show newcomers the ropes. We collaborate with Facebook administrators, YouTube video producers, bloggers, and other content creators to promote responsible motorized use, preparedness, policy engagement, and leadership.

Resources for 4×4 users

We are consistently looking for new and improved ways to deliver the most accurate, user-friendly information, and create resources that our readers need. We recognize that government websites are confusing, and not knowing where to adventure can be puzzling to newcomers in the 4×4 world.

Showing you where to explore.

Our adventure map projects help newcomers, and everyday 4×4 users discover where to explore by giving them detailed directions and descriptions. The idea is to give motorized users the tools they need to enjoy motorized access on our public lands while supporting rural Arizona communities.

Mapping Arizona Backcountry Information

We have made an effort to compile information about the Arizona backcountry in one place. Our online resources such as our Fire Restrictions Map, Forest Order Map, and Wildfire Map have greatly contributed to our community.

Tools to make a difference

Our “Report a Trash Dump” tool is an easy and convenient way for our readers to report trash they find to a trusted 501c3 cleanup crew and partner Natural Restorations.

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