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Our Story

Arizona Backcountry Explorers is an adventure website dedicated to promoting the western way of life and engaging our community in radical policy decisions that threaten rural Arizona. We are advocates of states’ rights, limited government, and the US Constitution.

Arizona Backcountry Explorers originally started as a Facebook group in 2016 by aspiring writer and photographer Kevin Allard to find new friends to explore the Arizona Backcountry.

In late 2018 we set our crosshairs on radical policies threatening thousands of miles of Arizona backroads and recreation areas. Our website was soon developed to change how federal land use planning was established in Arizona. Our first article, Bouse and Cactus Plain travel management plan, went viral and produced over 1,200 comments on the policy proposal. Our article got into the hands of local political leaders and several media outlets across the west, and we quickly realized the potential.

Since then, the Arizona people have successfully shaped the outcome of many Travel Management Plans in Arizona, including completely stopping all Bureau of Land Management trail closures.

Our goals


Promote adventure and establish our backroads as an economical source for rural Arizona communities.


Engage our community in policy-making decisions that threaten rural Arizona.


Unit the agriculture, mining, and outdoor recreation communities to shape state and federal policy.


Empower our community and provide the tools to effectively stand guard for traditional Arizona.

We believe that outdoor adventure is the best way enthusiasts can support rural Arizona. By sharing our adventures, we establish our backroads as a vital source of economic support for rural towns across Arizona while challenging the policies that threaten those roads. Doing so, we have built alliances with other user groups, leveled the playing field, and help shape policy.

Who we are

Simply put, we are a group of ordinary people who call Arizona home. We are offroad enthusiasts, hikers, wildlife photographers, hunters, fishermen, miners, ranchers, private landowners, and loggers who all have one thing in common, a love for traditional Arizona and the western way of life.

Kevin Allard

A lifelong Arizonian born and raised in rural Arizona, Kevin is a constitutional conservative and the founder of Arizona Backcountry Explorers. When he’s not adventuring in the Arizona backcountry, he spends his time burning iron behind a welding hood. He is privileged to write for 4low Magazine, and some of his work is available in the Western Journalism Foundation. Through these unique opportunities, he feels fully obligated to forwarn our community of the changes we face.

Other contributors include

Brandon Edmonson – Facebook Group moderator – “Adventure planner extraordinaire” – Realestate agent.

Tad Hamilton – Facebook group moderator – web Forum moderator – “Classic Banhammer” – Retired Vet

Josh Roelle – Facebook group moderator – “King of Overland” – Insurance Adjuster

Shannon Poe – Gold Claim donations – “King of fluffy nuggets” – Gold Prospector

We can’t forget about all of the other folks who have allowed us to share our content. Particularly, Facebook group and forum administrators.

Thank You!



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