Adventure Driven Freedom Motivated

Arizona Backcountry Explorers is an independent media company dedicated to promoting adventure and facilitating public engagement with government policies affecting the use of roads on public lands.

Making the public participation process easy for motorized users

We understand that federal land managers often create barriers to public participation in land management policies. Therefore, we have made it a priority to facilitate your involvement with federal and state policies and connect you with decision-makers.

Our Goals


Unite agriculture, small miners, and outdoor recreation to shape state and federal policy outcomes.


Empower our community and provide the tools to safeguard the traditional Arizona way of life.

Outdoor recreation is vital to rural Arizona.

We believe that outdoor adventure is the best way enthusiasts can support rural Arizona. By promoting adventure, we establish the knowledge and recreational value of our backroads among motorized users. This allows us to generate opposition to future closures and turn our backroads into a vital economic resource for rural towns across Arizona.

We acknowledge that land use policy is shifting from land-use rights to environmental protection. As this takes place, motorized users are losing the legal right to use motorized roads on public lands. By working with other groups like Ranchers, Miners, Landowners, and others who own real property, we establish legal standing for motorized users to defend our right of way over the earth.

Who we are

Simply put, we are a group of ordinary people who call Arizona home. We are the rural working class of motorized enthusiasts, hikers, wildlife photographers, hunters, anglers, miners, ranchers, and private landowners who all have one thing in common: our natural right to access and occupy the earth.

Our Principles

We believe that the use of unclaimed land in the United States is a natural and inalienable right endowed by our creator. We are advocates for the local and exclusive jurisdiction over federal lands, states’ rights, and the US Constitution. By applying these principles to land use advocacy, we touch on the foundations of Western American society to preserve the fundamental states’ rights we hold as citizens of the United States of America.

Right to Way

We believe that every person has the natural right to freely travel across the unclaimed land and water of the United States on foot, by boat, in a motor vehicle, or using beasts of burden.

Right to Occupy

We believe that every person has the natural right to occupy, cultivate, improve, and patent the unclaimed land of the United States.

Right to Use

We believe that every person has the natural right to utilize the resources provided by the unclaimed land of the United States in a balanced manner.

Right to Assemble

We believe that roads and public places are a fundamental part of the First Amendment and the right to assemble and have, since ancient times, been used by the public to facilitate modes of communication and commerce.


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