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Points Of Interest

Our Points of Interest collection consists of over 1,300 prospect locations that we have found through hours of research on historical topographical maps. We have visited many of these places, but most remain a mystery. Combined with our adventure trail collections, it’s the perfect resource for any adventure.


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GPS Track Collections

Our collections consist of over 400 GPS tracks of our adventures in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. All downloads are provided in several file formats compiled in a single .zip folder. Simply upload the correct file format to your GPS device, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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  • Arizona Pioneer Expedition

    The Arizona Pioneer Expedition is an 850 mile, 2 week-long 4×4 adventure that will take you through the most challenging backroads in central Arizona. Traveling from east to west, this route will take you from Alpine to Kingman Arizona using 95% dirt.

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  • Bradshaw Mountains Expedition

    The Bradshaw Mountains are full of the most exciting and challenging 4×4 trails in Arizona. You can expect trails that will put you and your rig to the test. Expect to encounter washed-out trails, diff dragging boulders, deep sand, waterfall obstacles, and narrow shelf roads. Body damage, vehicle failure, and pin stripping are possible—everything from…

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  • Boulder Pass Trail | The alternative route to Crown King

    Boulder Pass Trail is a highly demanding 4WD adventure trail that will take 2 to 3 days to complete. This route incorporates Ruby Wash, a long-lost mild rock crawling trail. Its short distance will take you about 4.5 hours. This section is tight, overgrown with a single, highly technical waterfall. Heading north will take you…

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  • The Great Western Trail | Arizona Route

    The Great Western Trail is a 3000+ mile multiple-use trail that travels from Mexico to Canada. This route is the original Arizona section of the Great Western Trail. The route incorporates some of Arizona’s well-known scenic drives, such as Mount Lemon, Pioneer Pass, Four Peaks, Seven Springs Rd, Cherry Rd, and several others.

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  • Grand Canyon Expedition

    Get your rig ready and make sure you’re prepared for this 400 mile plus journey to the most beautiful overlooks of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. You will travel through Arizonas deepest sandstone canyons as you make your way to the Granet Gorge.

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  • Vulture Mine Expedition

    The Vulture Mountains are responsible for building the passion and desire we cling to every weekend. Full of some of the most expensive documented history in Arizona, the Vulture Mountains and Hassayampa Plane are riddled with tails of lost treasure, bloody conflict, and some of the richest gold strikes in American History.

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  • Tonto National Forest Collection

    The Tonto collection consists of several tracks throughout the Tonto National Forest that provide access to several attractions including cabins, abandoned mines, and Native American archeological sites. Among these places are the cabins of long lost Arizona Pioneer Fred Pranty and the last apache Chief, Dell Shey.

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