Arizona 4×4 Routes

You just stumbled upon a gold mine.

Here you will find our list of pre-planned adventures. Most of these routes are designed and completed by us. All routes are intact with historical destinations, scenic backroads, and campsites. We have also taken the time to include hospitals, auto parts stores, and fuel stops. In addition, we will also include a TIFF map for offline use with every download.

In addition to our routes, you will also find the Arizona Peace Trail, Great Western Trail, and the Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route.

Route Rating

Because of the Arizona backcountry’s natural conditions, it is nearly impossible to rate routes like these. Regardless of the rating, all routes share the same scenic and historical qualities. To give readers an idea of the difficulty, we will rate the level of experience and equipment required as follows…


These routes are generally friendly for beginners and solo adventures. Most likely won’t require any special equipment and suitable for stock 4WD vehicles.


These routes are typically friendly for lightly modified vehicles with minimal equipment. It may involve some technical driving, but nothing a slightly lifted 4×4 can’t handle.


These routes require superb driving skills and are typically multiple days. You will likely use your equipment and encounter technical obstacles. Trail maintenance may be required.