• The labor theory of ownership of land and the homestead laws of the United States

    The labor theory of ownership was coined by social reformers in the 18th century to describe private ownership prior to the industrial revolution. The theory is considered the utopian alternative to an oppressive Capitalist system, and is central to Marxist, Communist, Socialist, and Nazi theory. Among these ideologies is the mutual belief that the industrial revolution created a capitalist system that is responsible for all of life’s struggle. The only difference between them is how they sought to eliminate their foes.

  • RED ALERT | New BLM rule will decimate multiple use mandate and end public participation requirements

    A new proposed rule published in the Federal Register on April 3, 2023 seeks to realign the Bureaus’ objective by placing environmental protection on a level playing field with the bureaus’ multiple use mandate. According to the Bureau, the new regulation will establish conservation “on par” with the Bureaus multiple use mandate established by the Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA).

  • Happy _____(fill in the blank) day!

    Today is an interesting day that has recently been politicized. No matter what you believe, there are many facts that should be noted from a land use perspective.

  • The poster child for capping wells

    The story of a man who became the poster child for the Arizona Department of Water Resources Well-Capping Workgroup

  • Gabby Petito’s death just turned into a racial issue

    It never sizes to amaze me how low people will go exploit anything that could benefit the radical leftist whistles for inequality.

  • Now that’s environmental justice!

    There will come a point when federal regulations become so erroneous that we will eventually become criminals for simply camping in the wrong place. If you think im kidding, just take a look at what recently happened to the woman at Yellowstone National Park. The Department of Justice just brought criminal charges against a woman […]

  • We’re over here now!

    I wanted to give you guys an update on what we’ve been doing. Hello AZBCE Patrons, we’re over here now! We will be resuming our original plans with Patreon very soon, but you must come to our new website to start getting your content.

  • Our new website will now house all of our patreon content

    From this point forward, we will be posting all Patreon content on our new website You can now sign in to our website using your Patreon account and access all exclusive content plus our new web forum. Patreon members will get access to the expeditionist forum, where we will collaborate with each other on […]