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  • Apache Trail Update | Legislation is coming
    We attendedd our second meeting concerning the Apache Trail with Senator Kelly Townsend and County Supervisor Jeff Serdy at the Pinal County Board of supervisors’ office. It was another productive meet with high hopes for the future of Apache Trail. Senator Kelly Townsend “what do you want?” Republican Senator Kelly […]
  • Access Threatened | The most radical AZ Constitutional Amendment You EVER seen
    The Arizona Genome Stewardship Act is a Constitutional amendment that aims to protect indigenous genomes and aspires to drastically reduce or eliminate agriculture production and consumption while installing various land-use fines and prohibitions and consumer surcharges.
  • ACTION ALERT COMMENTS OPEN | Pinal County Palo Verde Regional Park
    Pinal County has applied for a lease under the Recreation & Public Purposes Act to create a county park that will include several amenities catering to local outdoor enthusiasts. The county is introducing a non-motorized trail system, a day-use OHV staging area, an archery range, a 36 space campground with utility hookups and an RV dump, and several other improvements.
  • Apache Trail Update | We Are Moving Forward
    As many of you may know, we have made an effort to pressure the Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to reopen Apache Trail State Route 88. We are happy to inform you that we are making headway.

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