2021 Kirkpatrick Foundation ANIMAL Conference: Nothing More than Animal Extremism Masquerading as Animal Welfare

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Originally found on Latest updates.
Kirkpatrick Foundation held its third triennial ANIMAL Conference on August 27 -28, 2021 at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center. The focus of the conference was purported to be about animal issues of all kinds. However, after looking at the agenda topics and speakers, as well as what type of food was served, the underlying agenda became clear.


Of the 32 speakers scheduled to present:
● Wayne Pacelle, disgraced former CEO of HSUS, President of the Center for Humane Economy and Animal Wellness Action
● Joe Maxwell, Founder, Family Farm Alliance , Past HSUS Vice President of Outreach and Engagement
● Brent Toellner, Regional Director of the South Central and Great Plains Regions, Best Friends Animal Society
● Joshua Plotnik, Conservation Behavior Researcher, Hunter College at the City University of New York
● Rachel Dreskin, CEO, Plant Based Foods Association
● Abby Levine, Director, Bolder Advocacy; an arm of Alliance for Justice
● Kathleen Wood, staff attorney Animal Legal Defense Fund
● Philip Tedeschi, Director Emeritus of Institute for Human-Animal Connection, University of Denver


The agenda topics were also of no surprise to anyone who knows what the Kirkpatrick Foundation is currently “up to.”

First thing to catch the eye and a forewarning of what was to come was the vegan breakfast catered by Café Contemporary. In fact, all provided meals and snacks were vegan only.


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