Action Alert- Comments Needed

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Please support animal exhibitions,
horse shows, dog shows and rodeo

Western Sports Industry Coalition:

We are members of the Western Sports Industry Coalition started by our friends at Western Justice to push back against ordinance language in the City of Los Angeles. The Western Sports Industry Coalition is a group of industry leaders concerned about the future ramifications of the ordinance language and the dangerous precedent it sets for other cities, counties, and states across the country.

This ordinance language would effectively ban animal training and exhibitions including; dog training and shows, horse training and shows, 4H and FFA livestock shows, rodeo, and other cultural events.

Until recently the Western Sports Industry Coalition’s supporters’ comments and petition signatures outnumbered the opposition, but the tables have turned.

Your Voice is Needed
Ordinance language
will set a dangerous precedent

If you have not already done so, we are asking you to please leave a comment on the Los Angeles City Council comment website page, supporting animal training, and animal exhibitions, including rodeo events.

If you have already submitted a comment, we urge you to ask others.

Please be sure to “Confirm” your email address or your comment will not be counted.

You do NOT need to be a resident of Los Angeles, or California to write a comment.

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Additional Information:

Animal Exhibition Ban in Los Angeles-


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