Amish Country Ohio

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Originally found on Latest updates.
From an article in High Plains Journal by Protect The Harvest Advisory Committee Member, Trent Loos

Amidst all the chaos in today’s world, we had a fantastic weekend in Holmes County, Ohio. It is generally called Amish Country and it is certainly loaded with many Amish families who I take my hat off to in 2021 as the rest of the nation tries to achieve what they have never given up.

I can only imagine the challenge it has been to keep Amish kids in the community in the past 50 years as cars get faster, the world evolves and gets brighter only to be living in an Amish community with no internet or car.

This event was held near Walnut Creek, Ohio, at a place called The Farm, which has significant produce production and it has been able to intertwine one phenomenal agri-tourism component that, quite honestly, is second to none that I have experienced in person. The event was hosted by the Indiana Council of Animal Welfare and was a fundraising endeavor for Protect the Harvest.

We had approximately 300 people in attendance who were simply there for our event on Oct. 2, but I would guess the total attendance on this day of flinging pumpkins, swimming in corn and riding a Percheron-pulled wagon through one amazing exotic animal display was in excess of 3,000.

Protect the Harvest continues to defend and preserve American freedoms and to support farmers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts and animal owners. At this event, the real emphasis was on support of dog breeders. Yes,


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