Animal Extremism – Not A Partisan Platform

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Originally found on Latest updates.
Many in agriculture, in fact, in the entire country, believe that animal extremism is phenomenon aligned solely with those whose political beliefs tend to strongly lean to the liberal agenda. While much of the animal extremist-based ordinances and legislation are presented by very liberal leaning groups, there are those who are on the conservative side who also have been heavily influenced by animal extremist groups via disinformation, campaign contributions, and the promise of easy publicity. According to the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) “Humane Scorecard,” in 2020 there were at least 9 Republican U.S senators and representatives that score 89 or higher, which means they are considered pro-animal legislation.

Mayoral Candidate in New York City – A Sucker for the Spotligh

One such conservative animal extremist is the Republican party candidate for mayor in New York City, Curtis Sliwa. For those outside of New York City, his name might not be known, but he is well known locally. The group he founded in the 1970’s, the Guardian Angels, has quite a colorful history.
Sliwa started the Guardian Angels when NYC had a high crime rate in the 70’s. During that time it was dangerous for people to walk in the streets or ride the subways. The Guardian Angels wore red berets and walked the streets in groups and over time won the support of several New York City mayors.


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