Beware Bookers Illusion of Supporting Farmers and Ranchers

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Originally found on Latest updates.
By Jacklyn Krymowski for Protect The Harvest

Senator Cory Booker, a well-loved politician of the animal extremist elites, has reintroduced his anti-modern farming legislation titled the Farm System Reform Act (FSRA). This action follows shortly after President Biden’s executive order on promoting competition in the American Economy, which Booker and his colleagues hope will provide the momentum to get this controversial and much debated act off the ground.

A companion bill was introduced to the house by another animal extremist favorite, Representative Ro Khanna. It boasted many powerful political sponsors, also with extremist affiliations, including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

FSRA threatens to eliminate large-scale finishing and hinder large-scale processors without regard for the family-owned farms and ranchers (who make up over 96% of the all agriculture operations) or how this would inhibit their ability to market their products.

False Olive Branch

Ironically, hot on the heels of this move, Booker appears to be extending a false olive branch to ranchers by proposing cattle market reforms in his new bill titled, “Protecting America’s Meatpacking Workers Act of 2021.” Prior to this, Booker also helped reintroduce the “Opportunities for Fairness in Farming (OFF) Act” to reform all checkoff programs.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing or Fox in the Henhouse – Take Your Pick



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