Expert Lawyers Call Out the Claim by ALDF – “Hippos Are Human in US Courts”

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“Cocaine Hippos” – Shame on the News Media for Not Vetting ALDF’s Claims

Expert animal law attorney Michelle Pardo, calls out the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s false claims (and many press releases) about Hippos being recognized as human in US Court.
Just another example of how far radical animal extremist ideologues will go to push their agenda.

Shame on the ALDF – they know better but obviously will throw ethics to the wind in order to create a narrative of their liking. They pushed out disinformation on purpose.

Shame on international news outlets for pushing out the story without properly vetting the ALDF’s claims.

Keep in mind that the goal of animal extremist groups is to classify animals as people in order to remove them from human care.

Article By John M. Simpson and Michelle C. Pardo

Duane Morris Animal Law Overview

“In the past several days, the internet has been aflutter with reports that a U.S. court had declared infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses to be “people.”

Some examples:

“US Recognizes Pablo Escobar’s Cocaine Hippos as People”

“Pablo Escobar’s Cocaine Hippos are Legally People”

“Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ can be legally recognized as people, U.S. court finds”

There were at least 19 such reports. These reports seem to stem from an October 20,


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