Extremist Groups Band Together Against Ventura County Residents in Lawsuit

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Animal and Environmental Extremist Organizations Band Together in the Ventura County Wildlife Corridor Lawsuit

By Jaclyn Krymowski for Protect The Harvest

In 2019, the citizens of Ventura County began fighting against the dangerous wildlife corridors ordinance (Habitat Connectivity and Wildlife Movement Corridors) passed by the county’s board of supervisors.

The Wildlife Corridor Encompasses One Third of Ventura County – Including Private Property
The Ventura County Wildlife Corridor covers a large swath of land, which is nearly a third of the county. As it is currently outlined, the corridor is made up of both public and private lands and it places extreme restrictions on land use in the areas inside the corridor. These restrictions take away the usage of the property from the rightful landowners, all without any compensation or additional provisions.

Informing the Public

Protect The Harvest became involved to help inform the public in the area as well as other rural land owners in California about the wildlife corridor and the far-reaching implications. Our efforts included informative videos and educational articles. Unfortunately, despite more than eight hours of testimony from concerned Ventura County citizens, the Ventura County Commission voted in favor of its passage while knowing there was a large constituency of country residents against it.

One commissioner even put it bluntly, “We know there is going to be a lawsuit,


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