Federal Traveling Animal Act Ban

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Originally found on Latest updates.
The Proposed Federal Travel Ban Could Affect More Than One Might Think

By Our Friends at USARK’s Newsletter

Companion federal bills, Senate Bill 3220 (S3220) and House Bill 5999 (HR5999), are “traveling animal act” bans that mislead as to the intention. The bill text is nearly identical to state bills (North Carolina and Oregon) from 2021. It is obvious that animal rights groups are pitching this text not only from state to state but also to Congress. S3220/HR5999 would prohibit using certain animals (list below that even includes tortoises and small monitors) in traveling animal acts, which will include the educational outreach programs provided by many animal keepers. These bills would amend Section 13 of the Animal Welfare Act (7 U.S.C. 24 2143) to include this ban on animal programs.

S3220 and HR5999, titled “Traveling Animal and Public Safety Protection Act of 2021″ (full texts at bottom of alert), include introductions rife with misinformation with the intent to spark emotion while misleading the reader. The animal rights groups always fight with emotion over fact and they target legislators who fall for their games or sympathize with the animal rights agenda to remove all animals from our lives. This is an animal rights written bill! A legislator did not author this bill. Animal rights is a radical ideology against keeping any animals under human care (i.e. no pets, no livestock, no zoos, etc.).


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