Goliad Texas – A Perfect Storm of Circumstances and Animal Extremism

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Something happened in Texas early this summer that everyone needs to know about. Like the story of Gary Dassinger and Dassinger Ranch in North Dakota, what happened in Goliad, Texas was another perfect storm of circumstances that made a family vulnerable and a target of animal extremist predators. Thankfully, like the Dassinger’s, this story has a positive ending, but that doesn’t mean livestock producers across the country shouldn’t wake up and pay attention.

A Detailed Story with an Interesting Cast of Characters

This article will cover the events that happened in Goliad County, Texas and how a group of people got together in an attempt to steal cattle and money from a dead man and the people he willed them to. The story is detailed and involves a cast of characters and unusual circumstances that is almost stranger than fiction:

An animal extremist reality television character who works for the City of Houston, over 150 miles away. He has clearly stated on television that he believes he has the right to visit cattle ranches in Texas and confiscate cattle if ranchers don’t do what he wants.
A community and family feud over the ownership of land and cattle contesting the Last Will and Testament of the deceased owner.
A reprimanded and unseated county judge who slipped into a spot as a justice of the peace after losing an election.
Overstepping of official duties.
Concealment of planned “legal” action from the county sheriff’s department and county


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