Nefarious Groups Are Getting Involved with Afghanistan Animal Rescue Efforts

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Originally found on Latest updates.
Research Before You Donate

This week a controversial story broke about the dog and cat evacuation from Afghanistan by an organization called Nowzad, which works with Kabul Small Animal Rescue. Then, a viral photograph of dog crates in Afghanistan set off a social media storm which prompted the Department of Defense (DOD) to issue a statement about the evacuation of military dogs. The DOD stated clearly that no US Military Dogs were left behind. Additional social posts were circulated that there are still dogs remaining in Afghanistan that belonged to contractors who worked for the military. There is also a related story that fundraising is ongoing to evacuate Kabul Small Animal Rescue staff members as well as additional animals.
These events have opened the door for less than upstanding animal organizations to attempt to cash in by collecting donations for Afghanistan animals.

Animal Wellness Action and SPCA International Are Partnered and Involved

We have learned via posts on SPCA International’s own website that they have partnered with Kabul Small Animal Rescue and Animal Wellness Action (affiliated with Animal Wellness Foundation and Center for a Humane Economy), and Puppy Rescue Mission to raise funds to evacuate more animals. We want to make sure people are informed about these organizations so they understand where their donation dollars may end up.

SPCA International

Charity Watch issued a “F” rating for SPCA International and for good reason.


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