Oregon Alert: IP 13 Starting to Gather Signatures

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Originally found on Latest updates.
OREGON ALERT: IP 13 is Set to Start Collecting Signatures.

If IP 13 is voted into law by the people of Oregon, animal agriculture, hunting, fishing and animal breeding practices will be illegal.

Only 112,0000 signatures are needed to get it on the November 2022 ballot for vote by the people.

IP 13 proposes significant changes in the state’s criminal laws governing animals and it will eliminate common-sense exceptions for animal food production, breeding, animal husbandry, hunting and fishing.

By eliminating common sense exceptions, IP 13 would effectively make any injury to an animal arising from the following activities a crime:

Treatment of livestock transported by owner or common carrier.
Rodeos or similar exhibitions.
Commercially grown poultry.
Use of good animal husbandry practices.
Slaughtering of livestock in compliance with state law.
Fishing, hunting and trapping otherwise lawful under state law.
Wildlife management practices under color of law.
Lawful scientific or agricultural research or teaching that involves the use of animals.
Reasonable measures to control of vermin or pests.
Reasonable handling and training techniques.

David Michelson is the animal extremist behind IP13. He is serving as both Campaign Director and Chief Petitioner of IP13. A quick view of his LinkedIn profile shows that he is an Organizer for the animal extremist group Anonymous for the Voiceless. He is also a Guest Teacher in the Denver Public School System.


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