Predatory Ballot Initiative Proposed in Arizona

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Originally found on Latest updates.
By Carin Ryan for Protect The Harvest

After success in pushing regulations in California and other states, animal extremist organizations are testing the waters in Arizona. Earlier this year, a group sponsored by World Animal Protection called “Arizonans Against Farm Animal Cruelty” filed a petition to place a measure on the upcoming 2022 Arizona ballot to “prevent animal cruelty by phasing out extreme methods of farm animal confinement.”

Pushing Legislation and Regulations in Arizona from Desks in New York City

The proposing group, Arizonans Against Farm Animal Cruelty, has no digital footprint, no website, no Facebook page, nothing that could be found. After a quick look into the World Animal Protection’s leadership and nonprofit profile, several red flags are raised immediately; primarily that they are based in New York City. Why would a non-governmental organization from the other side of the country file a petition to affect animal welfare in a different state? The simple answer is that they are checking with voters to see if the time is right to drop the hammer on food production and animal agriculture in yet another state.

Signature Gathering Phase

This ballot initiative is currently in the signature gathering phase. It does not have an official identification number, just the title,


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