Protect The Harvest | Action Alert – Utah Working Animal and Animal Enterprise Act

Our friends at The Cavalry Group need your voice in support of legislation to Protect Working Animals & Animal Enterprise in Utah CALL TO ACTION Please send your emails supporting HB476 to the Utah Senate Click HERE You do not need to be a Utah Resident to send emails Press Release from The Cavalry Group: HB476 has passed the full House of Represenatatives and is now heading to the Senate! Please urge Utah Senators to support HB476, preemptive legislation which protects lawful animal-related businesses from being legislatively banned, outright, by local municipalities. HB476 would prohibit an outright ban on lawful animal enterprise such as rodeo, horse drawn carriages, zoos, animal exhibits, pet stores, agri-tourism. These local bans have been pushed strictly by animal rights groups with their emotionally charged propaganda to influence lawmakers in pushing their false narrative that any individual (or business) which raises, breeds, sells, or works with animals is considered “abuse” or “exploitation.” HB476 would protect against local bans which erode animal ownership; destroy lawful businesses; halt revenue that these lawful businesses generate for local municipalities as well as the state.