Protect The Harvest | Alarming Legislation – California Dog and Cat Bill of Rights

Fido and Fluffy Will Have More Rights than Unborn Children if a California Legislator Has His Way Yes, you read that right. On February 8th, 2022, Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D) Los Angeles District 53, proudly introduced AB 1881, “The Dog and Cat Bill of Rights.” Santiago’s bill is sponsored by none other than the very active animal and environmental extremist group, Social Compassion in Legislation. It outlines seven broad clauses that range from the right to be free from cruelty and neglect to the right to daily mental stimulation. Other animal extremist groups are applauding this bill and so are others who are interested in animal welfare but who do not truly understand the consequences. Santiago is quick to say that there are no fines or punitive damages to an owner who doesn’t give their pet their “rights.” Instead, he says that the Dog and Cat Bill of Rights must be posted and accessible to public view at all public animal control agencies, shelters, rescue groups, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals’ shelters, and humane society shelters (not to be confused with ASPCA or HSUS because we know that between them they only have ONE shelter). These organizations would be subject to a fine for not having the Dog and Cat Bill of Rights posted in plain view. California Has Plenty of Companion Animal Laws According to West’s Annotated California Codes (Penal, Health and Safety, Fish and Game, Government, Civil,