Protect The Harvest | Animal Extremists Using Wealth to Force Agenda

Animal Extremists Have Their Fingers Everywhere In the last number of years, wealthy animal and environmental extremists and affiliated groups have been pushing hard to implement their ideology and agenda. The ideology is infiltrating into investment capital, retail, restaurants, children’s schools, and even religion. Animal extremists have their tentacles everywhere. The most harm is being done to animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is the foundation of our nation providing food, fiber, and pharmaceuticals. It is the foundation for our food security and security as a nation. Activist Investing Protect The Harvest has covered the trend of activist investing. Activist investing occurs when extremists use their wealth to harm animal agriculture. As time goes on the activities of these types of investors are having a greater impact. These billionaire activists buy control by purchasing stock in major companies. Then they use their financial position in the company to try to force their agenda. Activist Investors Targeting the Restaurant Industry Think about the last time you drove through a fast-food chain. Were there vegan options being displayed? Chances are there were. This is a new thing that influential vegan extremists have begun pushing into Americans’ laps. Wealthy ideologues are using their wealth and status to influence the American marketplace. The connection to restaurants is obvious.