Protect The Harvest | Arizona Genome Project – A Radical Initiative

By Carin Ryan for Protect The Harvest Signatures Being Gathered in Arizona for New Ballot Initiative On March 12, 2021, members of the Citizens of Western Watershed (COWW) Political Action Committee filed a petition to start gathering signatures for a ballot initiative. Their petition drive for signatures, if it makes it to the 2022 General Election ballot, could make radical changes to the Arizona State Constitution. What is COWW? COWW stands for Citizens of Western Watershed. Members of COWW seem to be: • Focused on animal extremist ideology and agenda • Obsessed with moving the state of Arizona toward veganism • Angered by what they see as exploitation of natural resources • Hoping to charge up to 75% consumption taxes to force Arizonans to comply with their ideology and agenda The Nuts, Bolts, and Dollar Signs This ballot initiative is difficult to read and follow. Throughout the poorly written, five-page filing detailing the way in which COWW desires to amend the state of Arizona’s constitution, we understand that their biggest concerns lie with consumption of terrestrial and aquatic animals and their byproducts; and extorting money from those who choose to consume them.