Protect The Harvest | Energy and Food Security

Energy and Food Security: Crisis & Controversy Energy is one of the defining issues of our time; the availability and affordability of it helps shape the progress and prosperity of society. While humans have nearly always utilized renewable energies such as wood and flowing water, fossil fuels have been a cornerstone of mankind’s wellbeing and most significant advances for well over a century. Nonetheless, under the premise of saving the planet, today’s green energy movement is rushing to replace fossil fuels with inconsistent and largely unreliable wind and solar energy. This is not to say that renewable energies have no place in our world, but the green energy agenda is forcibly putting the cart before the horse. This comes at a tremendous and dangerous cost to society, and surprisingly, to the environment. Differing Schools of Thought Regarding Climate Change The frenetic green energy movement is painted in the colors of dire need to save the planet from human-caused climate change. The mainstream narrative holds that the use of fossil fuels is a major contributor to global warming. However, there are other less publicized but nonetheless valid schools of thought that maintain otherwise, that human influence on climate is minimal, that shifts in global temperatures are natural, and the war on fossil fuels is unwarranted. When this is considered,