Protect The Harvest | Food Myths Busted by Swedish Study

A New Swedish Study Says Decades of Official Dairy Wisdom is Wrong. Article by the Observer – Joanna Blythman – September 26, 2021 “Evidence from the Swedish study suggests dairy fats can have health benefits, as do many other foods discouraged by official advice. Over the past 70 years the public health establishment in Anglophone countries has issued a number of diet rules, their common thread being that the natural ingredients populations all around the world have eaten for millennia – meat, dairy, eggs and more – and certain components of these foods, notably saturated fat, are dangerous for human health. The consequences of these diet ordinances are all around us: 60% of Britons are now overweight or obese, and the country’s metabolic health has never been worse. Government-led lack of trust in the healthfulness of whole foods in their natural forms encouraged us to buy foods that have been physically and chemically modified, such as salt-reduced cheese and skimmed milk, supposedly to make them healthier for us. Advertisement How to make lemon meringue pie – recipe | Felicity Cloake’s Masterclass No wonder that more than 50% of the food we eat in the UK is now ultra-processed. The grave effects of this relatively recent departure from time-honoured eating habits comes as no surprise to those of us who never swallowed government “healthy eating” advice in the first place, largely on evolutionary grounds. Is mother nature a psychopath?