Protect The Harvest | Habeas Corpus Case to Be Heard by Supreme Court

On March 28th, 2022 the New York State Court of Appeals issued a notice that they are scheduled to hear the Habeas Corpus appeal involving Happy the Elephant at the Bronx Zoo. filed by an animal liberation group, NonHuman Rights Project (NhRP) has been ongoing since 2018. Better than 3.38 million dollars has been spent on legal fees to defend against this action which will impact animal owners across America. To date 1.3 million has been spent on Amicus Curiae briefs by all parties. Protect The Harvest, is an organization which stands up for the interest of animal owners and we have joined this fight. While we are not a party to the matter, we have participated in these briefs as a “friend of the court” and have joined with other parties to submit briefs in action from day one. According to the website, “the amicus curia brief can play an important, and sometimes critical, role in appellate advocacy by bringing relevant facts and arguments to the court’s attention that the parties have not already addressed.” To fully comprehend the significance of these legal actions, along with the impact on all animals and animal ownership as well as human civil rights, it is necessary to look at what habeas corpus means. Habeas Corpus is for Humans, Not Animals The ability for an animal to have habeas corpus would imply that they are persons and can participate in a social contract. However,