Protect The Harvest | Help Save Pony Rides in Griffith Park

Help Protect Pony Rides in Griffith Park, California Sign the Petition HERE Constant Harassment – Horse Ownership, Horse Shows and Horseback Riding Are The True Target Animal extremist groups are targeting horse ownership in Southern California. They are picking on the pony rides because they are the low hanging fruit and under-represented. The protestors have said they want to ban all horseback riding because “times have changed” and “we dont need to ride horses.” They view horseback riding and horse ownership as akin to slavery and abuse and hold up signs in protest at the pony rides that say, “Horseback riding is slavery.” We must stand together and protect all aspects of horse ownership. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles City Council has members that subscribe to the animal extremist ideology and agenda. They have already held a “special meeting” about the pony rides despite the fact that the facility has passed all inspections and requirements. Please Join Us and our Friends at Western Justice on this Petition Drive to Save Griffith Park Pony Rides The Griffith Park Pony Ride has been making children’s dreams of riding a pony a reality since 1948. This is an experience to allow a young child the opportunity to ride a pony in a safe and controlled setting. The safe and gentle ponies are trained to work “at liberty” with hand motions and rewards-based training. Many patrons bring their children,