Protect The Harvest | March Friend of the Land

Protect The Harvest would like to salute Kristi Diener, our March Friend of the Land. Kristi grew up on a small family farm where she and her siblings were the farm workers and she got a taste of just how hard farmers work each day. Her husband is a third-generation farmer from the Central Valley in California so she has a true appreciation for farmers and the issues they face, especially in California where farmers are demonized by those who probably have never even seen a farm. She saw firsthand that many people are exposed to agriculture through media falsehoods and are labeled “destroyers of the environment and land health.” Kristi founded a Facebook group called California Water for Food and People Movement in 2015, which has grown to 25,000 members, to help decipher the complex series of laws, acts, mandates, and regulations that California has regarding water. Her goal has been to break that information down and educate the public in a clear and concise way using facts. She and Edward Ring came up with the idea for the More Water Now Ballot Initiative in California and they have been promoting the idea since. Her Facebook group got behind More Water Now to gather signatures and donations but lacked enough to get it on the ballot for 2022. They are continuing to pursue that initiative and are working to get on the 2024 ballot. Thank you, Kristi,