Protect The Harvest | Nevada Rancher Fights for His Livelihood

Hank Vogler has deep roots in western ranching and is well-versed in the unique challenges it involves. Over the years, he has been a tireless patriot and an informed, outspoken, and articulate advocate for ranchers. His insightful and provocative writings have appeared in numerous publications. C.J. Hadley, editor and publisher of Range Magazine has referred to him as a “brilliant and entertaining communicator.” Vogler has also been an engaged and dedicated member of his community, serving on various boards and committees at the state and local levels. It follows, then, that Vogler is no stranger to controversy. Deep Roots in Ranching Growing up, he spent as much time as he could on his grandfather’s ranch, working as part of the cowboy and haying crews. That ranch sold when Vogler was 15, and he then set his sights on earning an agriculture degree and running his own operation. He graduated from the University of Nevada Reno in 1971, and went straight to ranching in Harney County, Oregon. A winter of record snow in the Steens Mountains resulted in 30- some ranches being entirely flooded out. There is speculation that much of the devastating flood damage could have been prevented if not for government negligence, and still further speculation that the overwhelming losses were actually allowed to happen to facilitate the expansion of the Malheur wildlife refuge. With no way for his ranch to recover,