Protect The Harvest | Oregon Proposition 3 Newest Attack on Animals

Abandonment of Oregon IP 13 The recent abandonment of the radical animal extremist ballot initiative IP 13 in Oregon is a relief to many. However, as of March 16th, 2022, Oregon animal extremists are now working to re-introduce IP 13 under a different name. This initiative with a new name and signature collecting period is now known as Petition 3 (P 3) or the “Abuse, Neglect, and Assault Exemption Modification and Improvement Act.” They are hoping to collect enough signatures so it will be on the voting ballot in 2024. It is imperative for the livelihood of Oregon farmers and ranchers that it does not become law. The goal of IP 13 and now P3 is to make it illegal to utilize animals for food, fiber, or simply companionship. This is accomplished by creating stipulations where activities such as artificial insemination, standard training methods, and common and humane animal husbandry practices are illegal. These activities could then land farmers and pet owners with a criminal record and prison time. Both versions are harmful to Oregon families and animals. If passed it will only serve the ideological agenda of animal extremists who are vying to end animal agriculture and animal ownership.   About Oregon IP 13 Protect The Harvest has penned and shared numerous articles regarding the threats IP 13 posed to livestock production, hunting, fishing, animal ownership, and veterinary medicine.