Protect The Harvest | Swiss Voters Reject Animal Rights Measures

Article by HumaneWatch February 18, 2022 This is great news, however it should be alarming to everyone who owns animals that these two radical animal extremist measures were voted on in the first place. **************************** Swiss Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Animal Rights Measures On Sunday, Swiss voters rejected two referenda put forward by animal rights activists to ban animal testing and give human rights to primates. The first proposal, which would have made Switzerland the first nation to ban animal testing, was rejected by 79 percent of voters. If the ban had passed, both medical and scientific experiments on animals would have been totally outlawed. The animal rights groups argued – as they have for decades – that testing medical procedures on animals are inhumane and unnecessary. Medical experts, however, disagreed. They noted that animal testing is a key step in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medications before holding any trials on humans. The medical profession generally agrees with “reduce, refine, and replace” as a strategy for scaling back research that uses animals over time as non-animal alternatives develop. But in many cases, there simply are no such alternatives today, and research that uses animals is subject to strict regulation already. Voters sided decisively with the experts, rather than the activists. The second proposal, which would have given “fundamental rights” to primates,