Protect The Harvest | Vegan Lunches Forced on NYC School Children

Vegan Meals Forced on New York City School Children…Again Vegan Diets Result in Nutritional Deficiencies We have written previously about the dangers of a vegan diet for children. The nutritional deficiencies inherent to vegan diets make them particularly harmful during the most critical years of human growth and development. Vegan diets are lacking in protein, essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, vitamin D, calcium, iodine, and vitamin B12. Research by Dr. Pascal Müller, published by the National Academy of Medicine states: “Deficiencies in these nutrients can lead to severe and sometimes irreversible developmental disorders.” Dr. Müller specializes in pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition in Switzerland. When these nutrients are available in plant-based foods, their chemical make-up is such that they are not as easily utilized by the human body as those same nutrients from animal products. Meat, for example, has iron that is absorbed three to ten times more readily than iron from spinach.   It Isn’t About Health It is incredibly alarming that the vegan agenda is being forced into schools, and more specifically, school lunch programs, by animal and environmental extremists. Groups like HSUS and PETA have boasted about convincing schools to reduce overall meat purchases for lunch programs, and a number of schools have adopted “Meatless Mondays.” The Meatless Monday website fallaciously proclaims: “It’s good for you,