ShareTrails | Write a Letter to the Editor to Tell Rogue Environmentalists to Stand Down

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Originally found on BlueRibbon Coalition/ShareTrails.

Wildfires run rampant throughout the country destroying valuable land and ecosystems.Land management agencies are trying to move forward with preventive projects to mitigate these fires but are being blocked at every turn. Recently the Sacramento Bee published an editorial calling for environmental groups to stand down from the endless litigation that is destroying the forests that these groups claim they want to protect. Add your voice to the this debate by sending a letter to the editor to your local paper by using our action alert tool (Fill out your address information below, and the tool will automatically identify your local papers and make it easy for you to send them a letter to the editor).


It is now more important than ever for motorized users to defend motorized access. For just 10 cents a day you can become part of the solution. Your support will help us meet our goals and continue to challenge the radical green agenda.