Things Animal Rights Activists Say: 2021 Edition

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Originally found on Latest updates.
From an opinion piece in Farm Journal’s Pork magazine by Hannah Thompson-Weeman

A major part of the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s work to safeguard the future of animal agriculture and its value to society is monitoring animal rights activist organizations. While animal rights proponents make up an incredibly small percentage of our population, they are aggressive, strategic, and unfortunately can be effective at making consumers hesitant about the animal agriculture community based on misinformation about animal welfare, sustainability, and other key topics. We believe it’s important to keep an eye on the activist movement so we can inform everyone in animal agriculture about what tactics might be coming next and how we can respond and, more importantly, be proactive.

Once again, most animal rights activist conferences have been held virtually this year due to concerns with COVID-19. We’ve compiled reports for our members from several major conferences, including PETA’s Not Your Usual Animal Rights Conference, the Rancher Advocacy Project’s Summit and the Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit, all held this summer. As has become tradition on this blog, I’d like to share some of the most remarkable quotes from these conferences to help demonstrate just what all of us in animal agriculture are up against.


• “We need to go toe-to-


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