Veganism and Pets

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As we have written in our other articles on this topic, vegans are doing their best to push their dietary choices on the public, whether the public agrees or not. We brought to light how this push includes children, but what about their pets? Veganism has left no stone unturned and they are now going after family pets. Pets that are naturally vegetarians, such as hamsters and rabbits, seem to be of no issue, but others that are carnivores and omnivores present a problem to the extremists. When it comes to our dogs and cats, pushing a vegan diet on them is unconscionable. Furthermore, it is even considered animal cruelty in the United Kingdom.

Veganism is based on anthropomorphism, which is the practice of applying human traits and behaviors on animals. When animals are anthropomorphized, their basic physiology and behaviors are not recognized or honored. This practice puts animals at risk and threatens their health and welfare.

Before discussing the notion of whether a vegan diet is appropriate for a dog or cat, one must understand the physiological and anatomical differences between species and how they have evolved to eat the diets they do.

Evolution, Anatomy, and Diet

Vegans like to assume, as well as persuade meat eaters, that humans evolved to eat only plants. This is not the case and our dentition as well as our gastrointestinal tract are proof. Herbivores, those animals that only eat vegetation, have flat, wide molars,


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