Who Is Buying Our Western Heritage?

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Why must we shoot ourselves?

Article by Trent Loos – Protect The Harvest Advisory Committee Member

“Come on Pilgrim, you see what’s going on here don’t ya?”

Yes, I, as much as anybody, would love to see the John Wayne era return, but if you haven’t been paying attention to the Yellowstone Fever, I think we are in trouble. Shoot at me all you want, I have not seen a single episode. It is the kind of thing I would latch onto in a heartbeat and then to make it worse they brought Buster Welch in on the first episode this season. I mean that is real stuff. So as you worry that I will rain on your parade, I feel compelled to share some facts with you about what is really going on with this fever that is sweeping the country.

Chinese Entities Are Buying US Farms and Ranches

First off, I still get calls regularly from every corner of the nation with the latest story of how their neighboring farm or ranch that just sold to the Chinese. From Georgia to Oklahoma to Vegas and the West Coast, the Chinese are buying our resources, I don’t think anybody even disputes that. Now it can be argued that new money into the U.S. economy is a healthy thing but I happen to think this is different.

So Taylor Sheridan, who did grow up on a Texas ranch, had an idea for a screenplay that he pitched to a couple different entities in Hollywood and most sent him packing. I am pretty sure that they all told him there was no room for hicks on the red carpet.



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