Our friend Joe is in the ICU with COVID

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If you’ve spent some time in the offroad community in Arizona, then you might have heard his name. If you haven’t, then you should save his number. He is an honest, caring man who goes above and beyond to make sure everyone comes home safely. He has rescued hundreds and possibly thousands of 4×4 enthusiasts across this state. He is that guy who gets it done when others say it’s impossible. He not only cares about your safety, but he also cares about your vehicle.

Joe has been in the offroad recovery business for 46 years and is a fundamental part of our community. Through his giving fund, he helps people in need. More times than I can count, Joe has helped folks when they needed him the most.

Tweety the recovery rig

Now it’s our turn to give back.

Joe was recently diagnosed with COVID and is currently in the hospital. He’s not able to work, and like all of us, he’s got bills to pay. It may be a while before he can get back to work, if at all. A close friend of his started a GoFundMe page to help him out during his recovery. We’re asking our readers, if you haven’t already, please give a little back to Joe. He deserves it.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Joe, his family, and friends. Bless you, buddy, get well soon.


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