A city ordinance just banned OHV events in Moab

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For decades, Moab, Utah, has been a top destination for OHV events, but not anymore.

Moab, Utah, is possibly one of the most well-known 4×4 destinations in the world. Moab trails are known as some of the most challenging and scenic backroads you will find in western America. You might think the small town of  Moab is overwhelmingly friendly towards 4×4 enthusiasts, but I suppose you might be wrong.

When I was a child, my father and I visited Moab. Back then, Lions Back was still open. The entire town was full of old Jeeps, square body chevy trucks, Scouts, Motorcycles, and ATCs. Everywhere we went, the parking lots were full of offroad machines.

Being a kid growing up in the offroad industry, I was amazed at the culture of Moab. It was a town where nearly everyone had common ground, a passion for 4×4 adventure. Back then, traveling Moabs backroads earned you bragging rights around the campfire.

Although the entire community is built on the backs of 4×4 users, our access is being threatened by county and town officials. City officials have passed new town ordinances that are gaining the attention of pro-motorized access user groups across the US, especially after popular events like Rally On The Rocks are now being canceled as these new rules are implemented.

The Utah legislature has passed legislation allowing OHV users to operate their machines on highways. OHV users, like all drivers, are required to carry a valid driver’s license, insurance, tags, mirrors, horns, etc., very similar to Arizona. However, the city of Moab decided it’s ok to subvert the Utah legislature and pass these ordinances anyway.

According to Blue Ribbon Coalition,

In short these actions ban OHV events, ban new OHV-related businesses, and create separate traffic laws for street-legal OHV users.

ShareTrails.org needs our help. Please sign the petition!

Motorized access groups in Utah are banding together to demand local authorities remove the prohibitions, and some are reaching out to us. ShareTrails.org or better known as The Blue Ribbon Coalition, is collecting signatures for a petition. They are challenging these new rules and asking the Moab city officials to reconsider the prohibitions.

Working together with our neighbors, we can help defend motorized access for all user groups. These unconstitutional ordinances should be challenged by all people who have enjoyed Moabs trails.

We are asking everyone to take 2 minutes out of their day to support this effort. If you have “autofill” set up on your device, it literally takes 2 seconds.

Please click here to sign the petition!

Read the city ordinances below.



2-4-2021 UPDATE


Good Evening,

I wanted to send out an email update to you, about our May rally on the Rocks Event in Utah.

We are so very excited to share that our event will be happening May 12-15th, 2021! The entire Rally will be held in San Juan County, just 1.5 miles south of the arena to San Juan County. Location will be at 11856 US- 191, UT. With the amazing help of Dixie 4WD and Moab Off Road Compound we are able to move forward.

All trail rides this year will be held on the trails located in San Juan County and will meet at the trail heads. We are working on GPS coords for each trail head and will post them in the coming weeks. ROTR is not organizing any trail rides in Grand County as part of the Rally this year; keep in mind that all the trails in and around the Moab area are open for public use.

Any questions please visit our website https://rallyontherocks.com or reach out to me.

Thank you
Katie Bell

2-2-2021 Update: Word has it that The Easter Jeep Safari has been canceled. We are waiting on the details. We will update you guys when the news comes in. As of now, the organizers of Red Rock 4-Wheelers, inc. EJS are asking everyone to keep their hopes up. They are working on a positive outcome for this year’s event and exhausting every avenue before officially calling it off.

Local industry leaders are asking the offroad community to come and visit Moab anyway. They want us to come out there and run trails regardless if the event is going or not. DO NOT CANCEL YOUR PLANS OR BOYCOTT MOAB. It’s the local business owners, industry leaders, those they employ, and the overall community that needs our support.

1-28-2021 Update: Since there is much confusion over this article, we would like to clarify. There is a difference between an OHV and a motorized vehicle. We have also replaced the word “4×4” with the acronym “OHV” in the title to better distinguish the point of this article. 

As far as the law is concerned, there are separate laws that govern OHV use. These laws pertain to OHVs only. Off-Highway Vehicles are legally defined differently than a registered motor vehicle.  

These new ordinances will only affect UTVs and other machines that fall under Utah’s legal definition of OHV.


So far, Rally On The Rocks is the ONLY event that has been canceled. Other events like Easter Jeep Safari are still good to go as of now!



It is now more important than ever for motorized users to defend motorized access. For just 10 cents a day you can become part of the solution. Your support will help us meet our goals and continue to challenge the radical green agenda.