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With the major influx of 4×4 and recreation users, the 4×4 community is facing some difficult issues. From teaching others about outdoor etiquette and removing tones of trash. To engaging these users in policies that threaten motorized access, we must step up our game to maintain positive public perception and persevere motorized access for future generations.

Motorized access comes at a cost. Not only do we need to stay on the trail, pack out trash, and maintain our roads. But we also need to understand that motorized access is constantly threatened. In the past 3 years alone, Arizona has faced over 13,000 miles of backroads threatened by closure. Locally, a small group of individuals was able to stop nearly all road closures. But we barely made it by the skin of our teeth. 

It is now more important than ever that industry leaders and content creators provide the leadership that used to guide motorized users. As leaders in the 4×4 world, it is our responsibility to teach newcomers the ropes. 


What is the AZBCE Ambassadors Club?

The Arizona Backcountry Explorers Ambassadors Club is a bold attempt to bring offroad community leaders and content creators together to solve problems, educate our community, advocate for better policy, and protect motorized access.

The Arizona Backcountry Explorers Ambassador Club allows leaders in the offroad community to tackle diabolical issues within our community. Through public outreach, we hope to achieve a better public perception of our community and shape future policy to fit the needs of 4×4 users.

We are not a 501c3, we do not accept donations or grant money of any kind. 

What do AZBCE Ambassadors do?

AZBCE Ambassadors work together to preserve and protect the public image of the 4×4 community. We highlight the issues that threaten motorized access, developed solutions to address those problems, and promote and establish those solutions through public outreach and participation. With feedback from our members, Arizona Backcountry Explorers Ambassador Club develops a common-sense approach to several issues facing motorized access on state and federal lands in Arizona.

Here are some of the things AZBCE Ambassadors may do:

  1. Reach out to new members with educational material on places to explore, trail etiquette guidelines, preparedness, and any other topic that may be relevant at the time. 
  2. Identify and resolve issues with private landowners, ranchers, miners, and state agencies. 
  3. Defend motorized access and engage our platforms in policies to better fit the needs of 4×4 users. 
  4. Engage our platform in volunteer efforts, fundraisers, and other events that serve our community. 
  5. Help acquire grant money for supporting organizations to complete projects.   

Who can become an AZBCE Ambassador?

The AZBCE Ambassadors Club is aimed at local club leaders, Facebook group administrators, Youtube video producers, and others who have the ability to reach thousands of people. We encourage the participation of local businesses that support the offroad industry. Aftermarket parts suppliers, dealerships, shops, or any other industry leader is our top priority.

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