Report A Trash Dump

We are collecting information relating to trash dumps across the state and passing the information to a reputable, certified 501c3 cleanup crew that consists of US veterans and members of the offroad community.

Please join us in this effort and report trash dumps to the Dedicated Restoration Team.

Tell us where the trash is and the dedicated restoration team at Natural Restorations will work their magic.

Please report it to us, not federal land managers.

As more and more new folks enter the world of outdoor recreation, we are finding trash dumped all over our public, state, and private lands. This not only spoils the beauty in which we come to embrace but trash dumps are also used as an excuse to restrict access during management planning. Therefore, we encourage you to be a good steward and haul any trash out of our public spaces.

In cases where you can’t clean it up yourself, we ask that you report trash sites to our friends at Natural Restorations to avoid any negative impacts to motorized access.

We ask that you be as detailed as possible. Please include a description of the trash, including the type of materials you found, GPS coordinates, clear directions, trail conditions, access issues, the approximate amount of waste you found, or any additional information that may be helpful to the cleanup crew.

All information will be sent directly to the Natural Restorations Dedicated Restoration Team and will be kept confidential. They will reach out to you to collect more information if needed.


Report Vandals to AZ Game and Fish.

Report poachers to AZ Game and Fish Operation Game Thief.

Pinal County rewards program.

Report any other incident to the local Sherriff’s department.

Alternatively, you can submit the information directly to Natural Restorations by clicking HERE.

What if I catch them in the act?

If you catch someone dumping trash, you should first acquire as much identifying information as possible about the wrongdoer. A license plate number, a detailed description of the vehicle and the person, and a video are enough to warrant an investigation.

There are several opportunities to report the incident to law enforcement. Arizona Game and Fish and county sheriffs are responsible for enforcing the laws. With the vastness of the Arizona backcountry, they can’t cover every inch. Thats why you need to be their eyes and ears when exploring the Backcountry.