Yup, you read that right. Several Forest orders in effect since December 2, 2000, have just expired on the first of the year.

Several forest orders in the Coconino National Forest expired on the first of the year. These forest orders have been holding many of northern Arizonas best 4×4 trails and campsites hostage. As far as we can tell, some of these roads are still open on the MVUM. Continue reading

Tell Congress, “No Lame Duck Wilderness”

This July the House of Representatives passed the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. You would think that those who passed the bill would be touting its benefits to our troops, celebrating new programs to keep Americans safe, and maintaining the basic needs of our military during a pandemic.

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The Forest Service is seeking public input on more changes to the employee handbook.

The Forest Service is seeking public input on changes to the employee handbook FSM7700 and 7710 E-bikes #ORMS-2619. These new changes will provide the directives required to redefine e-bikes as motorized vehicles and facilitate and expand access for e-bike use under existing Travel Management rules.

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We have a chance to shape the Forest Service handbook.

New changes to 36 CFR 216 from the Department of Agriculture require all new Forest Service directives to be opened for public participation. Previously, we would have never had a chance to get involved when it comes to how a Forest Service handbook is written. We now have an opportunity to shape the procedures used to manage our public lands.

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Travel Management Planning is just one step towards complete wilderness. Let me show you how.

It’s hard for your average person to comprehend a scenario where non-governmental organizations buy up rural private property to create wildlife preserves with a goal to turn 50% of the United States into Wilderness. If you’re concerned about road closures, then strap on your tinfoil hat and get ready for this one.
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Congressional nullification opens the door for Arizona courts to decide on road closures

Nullifying The USDA Forest Service Travel Management Rule 36 CFR 212 will open the door for an Arizona court of competent jurisdiction to close roads over Federal public lands. Local control could be the best chance we have to keep motorized access open. Continue reading

The Forest Service is soliciting comments for changes on how the Forest Service handbook is written.

A new rule requires the Forest Service to solicit comments for any changes made to the forest service employee handbook. When the final rule takes effect, The forest service will follow new rules while initiating new Forest Service directives. The updates to 36 CFR 216 will strengthen public input and create more transparency. The new rule mentions compliance with the Congressional Review Act explicitly. Continue reading

Facing thousands of miles of trail closures, we took it to Washington for a final solution.

After years of trail closures, the Arizona people had enough. Over 10,000 miles of trails on BLM land were facing closure in 2018, and something had to be done. The result saved and re-opened thousands of miles of trails across America, and many people still don’t know about the glorious victory. Continue reading

The future of outdoor recreation lies in your hands

We are rapidly losing recreational opportunities across the west. I am not asking for your money. Nor am I asking you to attend any meetings or submit comments on a terrible land-use issue. We are reaching out to you to gain support and send a message to our Congressmen. It’s time to take this to Washington for a real solution. Please keep reading…
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